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Where She Went by Gayle Forman Book Review

 Genre: YA Fiction

My Rating: 5/5 stars

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Quick Blurb:


This book picks up three years after the car crash that killed Mia’s family and nearly ended her own life in If I Stay.  Now, her and Adam, her high school rock boyfriend, are estranged, living on opposite sides of the country, excelling in their separate music careers.  This book is from Adam’s POV.  On the night before he’s supposed to take off for London, he attends Mia’s cello concert incognito at Carnegie Hall.  Except Mia spots him.  


For the first time in three years, they come face-to-face again.  There’s no more hiding from the past or the pain.  Over the course of one evening, the two of them travel the city streets, reliving the days after the accident that led to their separation.  It’s a story of heartbreak loss and the absence of love, but at its core, it’s a story about the redemptive power of unconditional love. 


My Thoughts:


Once again, Forman creates a beautiful emotional story, capturing those painfully honest moments of her two main characters.  I really enjoyed how this book’s POVs, as the reader gets to understand Adam much better.  If this story had stayed in Mia’s perspective, it would have once again been a story about the grief and loss of her family.  By placing the story three years after the last book and writing it from Adam’s POV, the characters can open up and begin to heal.


As a reader, you’re totally inside Adam’s head.  You feel what he feels.  You understand how fully broken he has become.  He’s a shell of a person, full of pain and resentment toward Mia.  The bitterness is done so well that the reader can’t help but start to resent Mia too.


The music, once again, brings such life to the story and really makes it stand out against other YA contemporaries .  Expect in this book, I think that the incorporation of the music is done even better.  The chapter’s begin with Adam’s song lyrics, which are all about Mia. The torment, bitterness, resentment, and overall grief he bleeds into each songs is so powerful, almost becoming a character of its own.


The ending of the story is beautifully pulled together, creating a satisfying and realistic resolution for these two characters. Like If I Stay, it’s an easy read that the reader can fly through.  There’s nothing too complex about the writing or the word choice, but the story is still profound, leaving the reader thinking long after finishing the book.


Mia and Adam’s story is definitely one of my favorite YA contemporary stories.  You should definitely check this book out, as well as If I Stay.  Neither books will disappoint.

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